Ear Piercing Adventure at Claire’s

Yesterday we went to Claire’s for ear piercings. Since my daughters’ were little I’ve always taken them to Claire’s to get their first ear piercings. Mia is just now old enough to tell me she wanted her ears pierced and she is old enough to tell me if they hurt, which is why we decided to go.

One my daughters I waited until she around 8 to go and she had a lot of trouble with her first holes, having to get them pierced twice.
Mia’s favorite color is purple right now so she decided on the color purple for her first pair of earrings. Mia wasn’t scared getting her ears pierced. She held on to their teddybear.
Overall Claire’s did an awesome job. Everything was sanitized and the lady that pierced the ears did an awesome job. She was knowledgable and friendly and it was definitely a good experience. It was quick and easy.
It was pricey however costing $60, but they gave you extra discounts.
Tamara, Founder

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