Man Cave Workshop in Progress

I like doing projects around the house or building pieces of furniture. However, the more projects I was doing the harder it was for me to keep my tools organized and in one place. I was always hunting for my hammer or wrenches because I did not have a place to keep them.

For one of my projects I decided to create a “Man Cave Workshop.” I knew I had to put together a workshop or I would end up loosing all of my tools.  I researched for value, quality, and cabinets that were designed for the garage. I looked online and at the big hardware stores including Walmart. After a week of looking around and comparing prices I went with the Blue Hawk  Garage Cabinet Organizers available at Lowe’s. The price was in the average range, not the cheapest but not the most expensive.

Great quality, the cabinets are nice and sturdy to hold heavy tools. I like that I can add to the set as needed.

One draw back is they aren’t hard to put together but not exactly easy.

I think my Blue Hawk Garage Organizers are well built and great for the money. I personally like the way they look and do plan on adding on more cabinets as I need them to complete the look of my new workshop. You will get a chance to see me adding slat wall or peg board to hang some of my tools and flooring and other handy accessories to get a final finish to complete my “Man Cave Workshop.”


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  1. As a father of 2 kids I have to say my garage looks like a mess compared to yours, 30% boxes of “stuff”, 20% big and useless toys, 20% furniture I hate but I am hoarding and the remaining 30% has my tools, supplies and cabinets.

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