Gatsby Training Week 2

So Gatsby had his training this past Monday at PetSmart and let’s just say overall it wasn’t the best week 2. Instead of 2 other people in the class there were 5 and all were golden retriever puppies and everyone was friends with everyone in the ‘retriever’ club.
Gatsby was the odd man out has he ‘dared to be different.’ I was a little disappointed that not one of the golden retriever owners didn’t do anything to try and welcome Gatsby my puppy dalmatian into the class.
The training this week was similar to last week he just learned to sit and stay, walk on a leash, and meet people. But I was a little disappointed that the trainer wasn’t more hands on this class. It was do it on your own and I didn’t have guidance and I won’t lie Gatsby is a handful. But I could have tried walking him on a leash and had him walk around the mall and done that on my own.
I wasn’t corrected on anything and I had the other people in class saying they didn’t want to walk by Gatsby because he was barking. It was also the day before Valentine’s Day so everyone brought their boyfriend with them, which was awkward.
Have any of you guys had experience with group training classing at PetSmart before? I’m not sure how much Gatsby is getting out of the class with no one on one training from an actual trainer. What are your thoughts on training?

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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