The Original Makeup Edition

Today I did a mini- makeover on my friend, Courtney. Courtney’s everyday style is low-key, casual. For Valentine’s Day, Courtney wanted to try a new look, something a little bolder- a bright colored dress with full face of make-up! I was absolutely thrived to help her make this a reality!
Make-up: For Courtney, I chose a neutral smokey eye, because of her light complexion and blue eyes. In addition, I only lined the bottom lash line and waterline, so I would not make her eyes too heavy and dark.  I used a minimal coverage liquid foundation to provide a base and even out skin tones. To give a pop of color, I used a bright rose blush with gold flecks and a berry lip gloss.  The make-up was set with a water mist.
Hair: Courtney has long, beautiful blonde hair.  I did a single flower braid to frame her face.
Outfit: Courtney has a bubbly, upbeat, yet easy going personality. She LOVES elephants and this dress fit her perfectly. In addition, the bright orange and pink colors show off Courtney’s personality. This dress is easy to accessorize with a denim jacket or a white cardigan.
I hope Courtney has a wonderful time with her Valentine at dinner today!
Nina, Original Stylist

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