Maybe it’s Maybelline

5 Star Concealer

Concealers can either make you look youthful or just the opposite and cake around the tiny little creases around your eyes and make you look like you have premature wrinkles. If you are looking for a great concealer Maybelline Brightening Creamy Concealer delivers great coverage and erases those dark circles under your eyes without a caked on look.

There are days I have dark circles under my eyes from staying up late the night before working on a project or just waking up to bad allergies and this product delivers. It is a 5 Star product that you will love! I even dab it on the occasional pimple fI get from a break out and it covers it completely.

Comes in 6 colors so you can match your skin tone, costs around $7 and is available at any retailer who sells Maybelline. Maybelline Brightening Creamy Concealer will become a must-have favorite in your make up bag!  XOXO

Gina, OGP Writer and Contributor

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