Ellen Degeneres

Today’s inspiring person that always makes me laugh no matter what is Ellen. I love watching her show because I always end up laughing and it always takes my mine off of something that I might be going through.

Ellen has a true knack for distracting me on something that I might be going through. She is inspiring and I thought that is was awesome that she decided not to take part in the political politics of Hollywood. She said her job is to entertain and she definitely does that!
I’m a definite Ellen fan and absolutely love her show. I put clips of some of my favorite shows I’ve seen. I love Andy her assistant and how he is always doing something hilarious or trying something out.

I also love how she scares the celebrities when they least expect it. It’s something only Ellen can do and Ellen is the only person that can get away with asking the questions she asks and getting laughable answers. She is a trooper and is always ready to make anyone laugh.
I put videos above of her Top 10 Moments and the Top 10 Best Ellen Guests!
Comment below and let me know if you’re an Ellen Degeneres fan!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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