In High Heels We Trust: Part 3

Today I went to Target and the grocery store. I did a mental survey on what women were wearing. My hypothesis was correct. Women like to wear workout wear doing their errands. I then went over to my store, Original Piece at the St. Johns Town Center.  This is a very nice outdoor mall and tourist destination with many brands, including many luxury stores to shop at and restaurants to eat at. What do you think my survey read?
I know you think I am going to say mostly workout wear. No. I estimate I saw 40% of  the women in shorts and t-shirts. Not nice fitted t-shirts but oversized, faded, old t-shirts with solid shorts, not even the cute printed ones,  and flip-flops! I actually did think to myself that workout wear would look better. I know the Florida sun is hot, but there are better alternatives. I also observed about 35% of the women in workout wear, leaving 25% percent of the women in business wear or a fashionable sundress or romper.  I really thought that the women in business wear and the fashionable women in their sundresses looked much more confident and were  engaged in their shopping experience.
I do believe women need to be very conscious of their feminine side and make the most of it. We are women and have beautiful things offered that we can use to make ourselves beautiful and confident, which is a very powerful quality to have. I do believe we must get back to our feminine side and teach our daughters that it is amazing and something to celebrate everyday and not keep our heels in the closet, but to bring them out and wear them with pride.
You maybe saying I love this article but I don’t know what to buy or no-one helps me when I shop. I don’t know where to start or I don’t have the money. This is exactly why we offer a website for women for  7 days 7 looks to pick from. It keeps you styling through the week without the confusion of too many options. My team gets together every week and we pour over a huge selection of outfits and narrow it down to 7 for our 7 day 7 look budget friendly wardrobe. Every Saturday night our selections changes, last weeks selections come down and are gone and the new 7 day looks go up live. I did this for many reasons. My number one concern is to look after my customers and have customer service at your fingertips, with a hand-picked, not overwhelming selection of outfits, a live chat option for assisting with sizes, and free shipping all over the United States! The expected quality you deserve with prices we can all afford. I really do care that all my customers are happy, whether you are one of our customers that comes into our stores weekly, or a growing number of online customers shopping the “Original Way” at home. So put your running shoes in your closet and workout wear on a hanger and get in a  fashionable outfit. Step out and see how great you will feel!

“Fashion is the best surprise of happiness, especially the Original Way!”
Tamara, Founder


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