Embrace Your Makeup Free Selfie

Sometimes it can be hard to be confident without makeup. I admit there are days where I’m like ‘I don’t want to selfie or get my picture taken’ because I don’t have on makeup. I have my insecurities just like anyone. But the other night when I was lying on my bed after a long day working and after I had taken off my makeup, I thought ‘why not?’
It’s time to embrace your ‘original’ beauty. After I took my selfie I thought why not share it with all of my many followers. I wanted to spread a powerful message that it’s time we selfie without makeup and feel beautiful. Life is too short not be confident in who you are. So wakeup and selfie no matter where you are with or without makeup.
Above I posted a photo of me on the left with makeup and on the right without makeup. I’m confident in both ways I look. Be confident and hashtag #EmbraceYourBeauty and post a selfie WITH and WITHOUT┬ámakeup! Tag me in the post on instagram and YOUR photo could get reposted on my INSTA!
So start to selfie makeup FREE and post a photo with you wearing makeup beside your selfie. BE Your ORIGINAL YOU and embrace you beauty inside and out.
It’s not just about outer beauty, your inner beauty is beautiful so let that beauty shine through in your MAKEUP FREE SELFIE! Don’t forget to tag #EmbraceYourBeauty and TAG me in your selfie!

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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  1. Omg yes!!! Love a good makeup free selfie

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