Saturday Style Series

I have be styling and helping women of all ages shop for the past five years. I thought I would do a blog series on style and how to style yourself. All us going through phases or “style ruts”, it is hard to re-define your style and re-create yourself in the process. Style is a reflection of you!
Style is the first thing people notice, and the thing they will probably remember. Whether you’re wearing a fabulous dress, an awesome pair of shoes, or your accessories are dazzling- people remember. Unfortunately, they remember the bad too- those style missteps. I hope my style tips help you- refine or define yourself, enhance your current style, or help you become a confident newbie at style.
Don’t be afraid to try new trends. With social media new trends are constantly developing and “trending.” Don’t be afraid to try a jumpsuit or a cold-shoulder dress this season! If you are hesitant on a new trend, stick to neutral colors (black, cream, navy, or white). These colors are always classic and will tone down the trend. If you are feeling bold, you can always add a pop of color with shoes or jewelry.
Do you remember the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” The same goes for clothes. Don’t judge a piece of clothing by how it looks on the hanger, or even the mannequin. Give it a try! You might be surprised of how GREAT it looks on! So many times, my clients are weary of trying on a  dress, because they don’t like it on the hanger. But, once they put the dress on they fall in love! The reason being, the hanger rarely does a piece of clothing justice, clothes are meant to be worn. SO GIVE THEM A TRY!
THE TAKEAWAY:  Try things on. Don’t be afraid be to take a chance, and give the “ugly dress” on the hanger a go, if you don’t like it…just try another…on the other hand- it might become your new favorite dress!
Nina, Original Stylist

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