Kopari Coconut Melt

Perfect Spring Break & Summer Moisture: Kopari Coconut Melt
💚💚💚 💚 💚 (5/5)
The Coconut Melt is the coolest moisture I have used. Just like the name, the moisture actually melts! Let me explain: it starts off as a semi- resistance moisturizer that feels like coconuts coming out of the jar, then it melts in your hands into a lush oil that can be easily applied to your body, face, or hair. This Coconut Melt smells just like a coconut from a tropical island, but with no added fragrances. It is 100% organic coconut oil! Kopari products make you feel like you are on vacation, and they make your skin feel soft and hydrated.  Kopari has introduced several products, since the coconut melt. I am dying to try them all, so stay tune for more reviews.
Visit their website for a more in-depth look at their process and the brand:
Don’t miss out on giving this AWESOME MELT a TRY!!!

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