In High Heels We Trust: Part 1

Being in the fashion industry I look at fashion, clothes, and what woman would like to wear before women know what they want. One thing that concerns me is how women today are cutting themselves short. I believe women have gotten lazy about their fashion choices and their appearance, which has taken away from their femininity. If anyone looks back in fashion history, today’s  fashions have hit a low point. Do you remember playing dress up in your mother or grandmother’s dresses, high heels, face powder and red lipstick? It was  great fun and something to look forward to when we all got older. Today’s little girls are dressing up in their mothers work out wear and running shoes and no need for makeup. This trend happened overnight and with absolutely no regrets or farewells by women. What has happened to women? The idea of putting on makeup, a pretty dress, and high heels is historical and only left for really special occasions.

I believe it is a shame that women have lost their drive to look feminine and yes that is a strong opinion,  but I believe it is true because I see it everyday. Some people may say, “Well how dare you say that about women! Women today are strong, bright, and smart!” Yes, they are! Thank God! I have four daughters that I want to see be strong, successful and happy.  That is not the issue. We must not  twist appearance and strength with liberation.

 I will have some women say to me “Well what makes you an expert in the field?”  I have a Bachelors of Science in Fashion and Merchandising and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, I’m a business owner with my own private label brand, and I too am a woman with seven children. This in itself gives me at least an opinion on this subject. The reason fashion and women are never talked about is because it does get mixed up into women’s rights and liberalism. I am not at all going to challenge such a strong, important  subject, it is not the something I am talking about.  Studying fashion in history gives every historian a clue to the social issues of the times. Today’s fashion choices are different and like no other time in history. It is a time where the value of social status is not placed on fashion. Notice, I said fashion, not necessarily clothing. If we don’t start celebrating being women in fashion and start looking back to look forward, we will start to lose our strength as women. Fashion is powerful and we are forgetting how to show strength and pride from fashion in our society.
Tamara, Founder

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