On Trend for Guys: Bracelets

The biggest trend I’ve noticed on guys is how many guys wear bracelets. It’s the new ‘it’ trend this year whether a guy is going to the gym or going out, bracelets are definitely a ‘thing’ for guys.
The one bracelet I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing at the Tamara + Oakley bracelets.
Tamara + Oakley bracelets are faith-based with each bracelet accented with a cross and each one designed with three Olive wood beads in the center of the bracelet. The men’s collection is made with Amazon Rainforest beads, lava beads, even tiger eye beads. Each bracelet holds an amazing message and each bracelet spreads the faith.
Guys are banding together and spreading an amazing message when they wear one of these powerful bracelets. With so many requests from guys’ that like to workout, Tamara + Oakley launched their sport line which is made with water-proof beads. The new ‘Sport’ editions are perfect for guys who spend a lot of time in the gym. The bracelets are lightweight and easy to wear.
billy-ad-1Join in on the trend of the year for guys. Spread a powerful message when you wear your Tamara+Oakley edition.
Click link below to shop the entire men’s collection online!
So whatever your style is or whatever activity you love you can join the ‘it’ guy trend this year because there is a bracelet with your name on it. Wear your Tamara + Oakley bracelet golfing, riding your motorcycle, when you go out, or with a casual tank top and be in the trend!
Brianna, Original Piece Mag Staff Writer


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