A Joyful Heart

Today’s Bible Verse of the Day is: ‘A Joyful heart is the best medicine’ – Provers 17:22.
Today as I drove to work I listened to Joel Osteen as I usually do. His message was to love yourself. Don’t be your own worst critic. That message is just what I needed to hear because some days we do. We criticize ourself internally over everything and sometimes it starts to pile up until we can’t carry the burden anymore.
Say a prayer if there is something your struggling with to just let the weight get lifted off of you because it’s not how God wants you to live everyday. We can’t get any day back so just let go of the bad. Remember: ‘A Joyful heart is the best medicine.’ It’s so true because take a minute and think about a day you were happy and how everything just fell into place. You felt better and refreshed. Live everyday like that!

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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