Every original needs a little plaid in their LIFE!

The plaid trend has always been a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I’ll come across something plaid that I definitely LOVE and other times I don’t find anything. Either way this season it’s all about plaid so it had me on the hunt for an awesome plaid look.
When we got this dress at Original Piece I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. When I bought it and wore it to work a lady liked it so much she literally bought the dress off of me. We just got it back-in-stock and did I mention this look even has pockets? Yes it does!
I love this plaid dress because it reminds me of the Burberry print we all know and love. This dress can be worn with heels, flats, even sandals and still look trendy chic. So I agree that every original needs a little plaid in their life.
Comment below! What do YOU think of this look?! Do you want this dress?!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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