Be My Valentine- Girls’ Edition

Valentine’s Day is full of chocolates, flowers, and hearts. Most guys will tell you they don’t want anything, but what can a girl do for their Valentine?
Guys are not wanting flowers and hearts, although the chocolates would be eaten, you still don’t give your guy a box of chocolates. Guys are money conscious and generally do not want you to buy something expensive. (They like to buy themselves something expensive).
They also like to buy things on sale, so what do you get if you really want to show your guy that he is heartfelt and special to you?  There are things that you can get that will surely impress.
Here is the Original List:

1. A paid for round of golf at your local golf course.
2. A gift card to his favorite car wash.
3. A gift card to his favorite fast food restaurant. You can’t go wrong with Taco Bell, White Castle or Firehouse Subs.
4. Tickets to his favorite ball game or concert if you really want to give a special gift.

I hope this helps all the girls’ out there who were wondering what to get for Valentine’s Day for their favorite guy. The ORIGINAL WAY is always the best way!

Have Fun,
Gina, OGP Mag


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