Be My Valentine- Guys Edition

Ok guys Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is “chick” holiday but if you do have a special Valentine in your life then you really have to celebrate the day. So reading this article  is going to help you out. There are certain rules to follow that are not talked about by women, but if you don’t follow the rules you not only will fail you will disappoint your Original Valentine.

Rule #1: Start the morning off by preparing breakfast in bed. Prepare something your Valentine’s likes. If your Valentine likes healthy then make a healthy breakfast. If your Valentine prefers a hearty breakfast then make bacon and eggs. If your Valentine never eats breakfast then just bring her a favorite morning beverage. Never force her to eat breakfast because you made it for her if she is not a breakfast person this makes her feel uncomfortable.

Rule #2: If breakfast is not an option and you work together or go to school together bring coffee and a doughnut, even if she is healthy and never eats doughnuts bring her one any way. It shows you are sweet.

Rule #3: In the afternoon send flowers. If she is working send her flowers to her workplace. A bouquet of red and or white roses in vase is good, sending the flowers with a balloon is even better because balloons bring attention and they make her feel like a princess.

Rule #4:  If you buy your Valentine a present:
*It is good to give your Valentine a present before or during dinner. It makes her feel like she is that special person in your life.
*Always wrap your present or get it wrapped, your Valentine will know you care.

  • Usually any type of jewelry piece is a winner, even if it is not diamonds your Valentine’s will know how you feel about her.
  • If you want to buy clothes make absolutely sure on sizes, you don’t want to buy the wrong size or this will be a negative. If she loves a certain clothing store and you don’t know her size, buy a gift card. A gift card shows you pay attention to her.

Rule #5: Dinner out is the way to go. Never say it is too busy out or you could not get reservations, unacceptable. Her favorite restaurant is best but not necessary as long as you take her out and have a good time.

Rule #6:  If your Valentine absolutely does not want to go to dinner (make double sure) then a make dinner at home nice. Make her favorite dish  and help her cook and do dishes. This shows your compassion.

Rule #7: The rest of night is up to your Valentine.

Hope following these 7 simple rules helps you celebrate Valentine’s Day the Original Way!

Brianna, OGP Mag Staff Writer

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