Why I Chose Homeschooling

Homeschooling or sending you child off to traditional school can be a big decision for a parent. I accidentally fell into homeschooling and then wished that I had done it sooner. For us a move is what triggered the decision to be homeschooled. When we moved from Texas to Florida I found out my high schoolers and elementary age children were all ahead in their grades by at least a year.

Rather then put all kids ahead a year we looked at the option of homeschooling. Since the children had always gone to private schools I didn’t know any better when I looked up homeschooling online. I googled ‘private home schools’ and I was in luck!

My children go to Keystone National School. The school offers kindergarten through twelfth. The private home schools charge a tuition that you pay at the beginning of the school year and some schools, like Keystone, allow you to make payments throughout the school year. The tuition includes support, teachers, curriculum, books, and supplies. Keystone has a great staff of support if you have any questions about any technical  or curriculum issues. The teachers have experience, are very helpful, and encouraging for the students and parents.  The curriculum offered for the students is interesting and can easily be followed by books or online learning set forth by the school.

There are pro and cons to homeschooling but for us it has been a wise choice.

-xoxo Founder Tamara

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