Disney World Adventure Part 3

Once back at the Magic Kingdom we had 10 minutes before our first reservation on the Alice in Wonderland Teacups, then to Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and then to Tomorrowland Speedway. We decided we couldn’t do anymore with the thunderstorm waiting to get us all wet. We headed back to the car for a 2.5 hour car ride back up to Amelia Island. We got back to the two cars exhausted.  We had only been on one ride and no autographs.

My iWatch computed that we walked a grand total of 7 and half miles! When I look back at my 7 kids, 1 day adventure at Disney World I would do many things differently. I believe there is a science to making the most out of Disney. I would have gotten very familiar with our tickets and how the Fast Passes work because they did not at all work for us. I did not know reservations were required. I would never have spent the money on autograph books because the odds of finding a character and getting their autograph was slim to none.

Some people I have talked to said we should have done a two day trip to see all the parks. I personally was ready to leave after one day. There is a lot of stimuli, noise, and energy used up walking the parks, it left me tired with a two day recuperation period.

I can conclude that we only got to see Disney World and did not experience Disney World.  We are not regular Disney visitors that  know the “in’s” and  “outs” or tricks to make the most of a Disney day. Instead we wandered around in 97 degree heat in hopes of enjoying the beauty and wonders of the parks. I would go back again only at a  cooler time of year. I would become very organized to go, which in real life I am not. Being organized saves money and valuable time at the parks. I would plan to only go to one park per visit or day to experience everything there is to offer and not cram in one day hopper tickets for a one day trip. Disney World is magic but unless you do your homework you will not see the magic.

Tamara, Founder

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