Make Everyday Confident

I love the clothes I sell at Original Piece Boutiques because they make me feel confident and beautiful! That kind of attitude makes my day go so much better and I feel happier.

Studies show that what you wear really does effect what kind of day you will have. If you feel good in your clothes it helps make your day happier.  You perform better and interact with people better. If you wear a dress that you think looks bad or you or hate the material because it is itchy it will affect your day.  Before I owned Original Piece I remember having a meeting and I did not feel comfortable in my dress and this caused me to loose some of the confidence I needed to do my best. I kept thinking I wish I would have worn something different and I could not wait to get home and change (I gave that dress away).

I vowed that once I started Original Piece that women would get the choices and help they needed in store and online to always find the right outfit for every occasion to feel about themselves and look their best.

We are a culture that likes fashion in clothes, cars, homes, and even in our hair styles. Whether we admit it or not what we wear can be a first impression and a lasting impression.

 Make everyday confident and beautiful the ORIGINAL WAY!
Tamara, Founder

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