This is the Key

From Your Miss Original 2017

It is so important that you be in love with every moment of your life. Each minute will not be perfect and each moment will not be enjoyable; in fact I am sure there are mintues we wish we could have and could skip. But each part of your life, the good, the bad, the blah, the pain, the joy, the suffering and sorrow, the laughter, the moments you wish you could relive, and everything in between are what makes you, you. In this and through this we blossom, we grow, we become stronger versions of ourselves. And then through life we are able to come alongside others and be a support, a friend, we grow together and walk through life together. And that Originals, is so beautiful! It is a portion of that feeling we get when we actually are in love with our lives, every minute of it!
As Ever,
Your Miss Original 2017!
xo Brittney

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