In-Shower Lotions

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One of my favorite shower products is the in-shower lotion. This is the best beauty invention of the the decade! I LOVE MOISTURE’S, but I hate when I take a morning shower, and lotion would get on clothes leaving grease stains, or when you wear shorts and you leave lotion stains  on the seat of your car! It was a struggle! Until I discovered, in-shower lotions. It gives your skin the benefits of regular body moisture, but absorbs super fast, locks in moister, and leaves your skin grease- free. My two favorites are:
Jergens Wet- Skin: Not only does Wet-Skin lock in moisture, but also there are a few fragrance options: Green Tea, Monoi Oil, and Coconut Oil. Currently, I am obsessed with coconut shower products, so I LOVE the Coconut- Oil Wet-Skin.
Curel Hydra- Therapy– leaves my skin feeling crisp, soft, and refresh.  To my knowledge, there is no-fragrance, so this is the perfect moisture to layer with your favorite perfume.

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  1. I loooove in shower lotions. My favorite to date is the Nivea in shower lotion that comes in the dark blue bottle. So wonderful.

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