Original Pick: Pixi Skintreats

I was in the market for a new toner. I LOVE toners. In general, toners get rid of any excess make-up or residue, and leave your face feeling so clean. I had been researching different toners, and I was happy to discover Pixi Skintreats Glow tonic through Cassandra Bankson endorsement (Youtuber & Beauty Expert). Pixi Glow Tonic leaves your skin feeling fresh, bright, and glowing.
Since I wasn’t sure about the tonic, I purchased the Best of Bright Travel Kit for $22.00 at Target. This kit includes: the glow tonic, the glow mud cleanser, and the glow mud mask. This allowed me to try the glow tonic, which I will be buying in a full size, as well as, some other Pixi Skintreats products. Overall, I really like the Pixi Skintreats Bright Collection. I am planning to use the Pixi Bright Collection has my morning skincare routine and my Philosophy Purity has my evening skincare routine!
Stay Tune for more beauty recommendation!

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