Meet Tamara, The Founder

The Webster Dictionary defines the word original as “ independent and creative in thought or action.”

Original Piece can be defined as a person that thinks for him or herself involving the imagination, satisfied by original ideas and artistic works for oneself that may be shared by others and enjoyed by society, especially in the production of innovation to oneself or others- Tamara Oakley CEO of Original Piece.

I founded Original Piece so everyone could embrace and celebrate who they are everyday. Gatsby, our logo and family dog, represents our brand perfectly because like us, no two Dalmatians look alike.

Our family is full of originality. I am the mother of seven, 4 girls and 3 boys. Their age ranges from the mid-twenties to a toddler. I run Original Piece but it is a family affair. We all contribute to making the company a success and we all add something to the business that is unique and awesome to make company great.

Original Piece is a clothing brand that appeals to all ages. We are known for our fashionable and stylish dresses with that Instagram glam. We recently launched our basics with our famous Dalmatian dog, Gatsby, seen on our shirts that have become an overnight success with men, women, teens, and children.

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