Feel Beautiful with Olay Botanical

So a lot of people always ask me what I use to wash my face with. I’ve used the Olay line for a few years now, but it wasn’t until I started using the Botanical line that I really felt comfortable without any makeup on.
I saw the line when I went to Target and it was on sale so I decided to try it because it is actually made with natural ingredients from the Botanical Gardens. Usually I always get breakouts on the regular Olay face wash, but with the new Botanical one my face feels so much healthier.
The soap is more of a gel liquid and goes a long way when you are using it. My face feels so fresh when I use it and I love that it cleared up my skin. I finally feel comfortable going out without any makeup.
The Olay Botanical brings out my inner beauty and makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I know all of our skins are different and this is one that just fit me. But comment and let me know which face wash makes you confident! I would LOVE to hear it!

xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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