NYX Ombre Lip Kit

A lot of my insta followers have been writing in asking me what lip kit I use on my lips in all my selfies. Well the answer to that is the NYX ombre lip kit. This lip kit is amazing and I love how it lasts throughout the day. I especially love the ombre effect but never could accomplish the look until I came across this NYX ombre lip kit!

I absolutely love every color of the lip kit and I love it goes with anything and everything. You outline your lips first, and usually I create a thick outline to get a bold ombre effect. Next I use the lipstick and  fill in the rest of my lips. I usually ‘smudge’ my lips together to blend in and officially create the ombre effect.
The best part of this lipstick is it isn’t sticky and to keep the look fresh all day I apply a base of chapstick and it goes on perfectly smooth.

Comment below if you have a favorite lip kit or if you’ve tried this look.

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae


1 Comment on NYX Ombre Lip Kit

  1. that looks so coool x

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