Find Your Empowerment

I can have days where some of the kids are not acting good and I totally take that personally. I can have days where the business is having problems that I need to work through. I can have days where I have my own problems that I have to figure out. With all the confusion of kids, a business and just life I can get overwhelmed. I actually brace myself and pray for the wisdom to get through it. I could tell so many stories of what our days are like.

I get asked all the time how do I do it with seven kids and business? If I said it was easy I would be lying. It is hard and some days are really hard but WE get through it and get it done. I say WE because I could not possibly do it all by myself. I am not a supermom or a super person that has super natural powers and a secret power to get everything done and succeed. On the hard days I have learned not to loose the glory and grace that God has given me to remain strong.

With seven kids believe it or not it is not as hard as you may think.  All my kids know the importance of ambition, respect for one another and others, along with a caring heart which helps each of of them succeed. We all help one another when our days are chaotic. If one of us is having an off day we are there for one another. Even my two year old will have a day of uncharted territory. Through it all we manage to get all the things accomplished as a family…

It really does not matter if you have one child or seven, it is up to you to find your own personal empowerment to succeed through attitude, joy and grace.

-Tamara, Founder

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