MAC Troll Makeup

Hello Original Beauty Fans! One of the things that makes me original is I collect troll dolls! I was ecstatic when the Troll movie came out, and Troll “gear” started popping- up everywhere!
One of my favorite Trolls items is the Mac Make-up Collection. Below is my review of the Good LuckTrolls MAC pieces I purchased!
Eye Shadow: Good Luck Trolls: Atlantic Blue– Bold, very pigmented eyeshadow. I prefer to use the shadow as a liner or an accent color. I LOVE it has a troll imprint!
Good Luck Trolls: Bubble Butt Lipgloss & Dance Off Pants Off Lipstick: I love to wear the lipstick and lipglass together to create a very bright, vibrant lip!
Lipgloss / Good Luck Trolls:Glitter Grunge: A flattering purple, plum shade. It is great if you want to try the purple lip trend, but don’t want to commit to a purple lipstick.
Good Luck Trolls: 187 SH Duo Fibre Face Brush with Beauty Powder: Play it Proper– I love the brush with the troll outline! Supercute! The Beauty Powder is not a full coverage powder. I like to use the beauty powder as a setting powder to give my face a glow.
 The Good Luck Trolls Collection will add a fun, whimsical element to your make-up collection. It is sure to make you smile every time you wear it! Grab yours today!

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