Finding Dory

Finding Dory: Hello Original Piece lovers! Over the weekend, I saw Finding Dory in 3D! It is a twist off of the original Finding Nemo, so if you liked that movie you will definitely like this! It is about Dory, who is a blue tang fish that suffers from short term memory loss. As a baby, she gets separated from her parents and years later remembers that she was once looking for them.

Along her ocean journey she meets up with some old friends, makes new ones and survives some incredible adventures! This movie is for all ages, it is funny, adorable, and very realistic! The graphics(especially in 3D) are amazing! You feel like you’re really swimming with everyone! Ellen DeGeneres plays the voice of Dory and does a remarkable job!

I love Pixar Disney movies because they are so much fun to watch and any age group will find the humor and story line pleasing. You will definitely leave the movie theater feeling happy and warm at heart! I loved it! Just keep swimming swimming swimming and go see Finding Dory!
From your Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’ Kendra

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