Colored Lips for Summer

The top lipstick trends for summer: Hello Original Piece lovers! Makeup trends are always changing and it is so hard to keep up with everything! That is what the fashion experts from Original Piece are here for! Lips are always essential for makeup! They really dress up your look and outfit to make a fashion statement.
A nice bold lip with subtle makeup is one of my favorite looks! For this spring and summer there are a few fun colors that set the trend high! Bright red, fuchsia, deep berry, violet, pastel, rosy pink, chestnut, and even gold and blue! Bright red is always in style, pair it with a smokey eye or a black winged eyeliner! Fuchsia is a purple pink hue that is a fun grown up way to wear bright pink!

Don’t let the summer heat talk you out of fall colors, deep berry is a look that just works! The richness is stunning! Violet is for the adventurous! It is flattering on every skin tone and sure does make a statement! Pair this with a neutral eye or add a light flare of lavender to your eyeshadow! Pastels are the perfect spring and summer colors! Match it to your favorite outfit and watch it show off your tan! Rosy pink is a soft, feminine and effortless color. It pretty much goes with everything! Chestnut is one of my favorites! If you don’t feel up to wearing a lot of color but nude is too simple and light, then this color is for you! This color is darker, warmer and a little bit more brown. Wear this with sun-kissed bronzed cheeks and a little eyeliner and mascara and you’ll look fabulous!
Now it’s your turn, post your favorite lip color with your favorite Original Piece outfit! Time to get beautified!
From your Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’ Kendra

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