Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’ Karrigan in Palazzo’s

Hey ladies it’s your G Model ‘On the Go’ Karrigan from Texas! I just want to tell everyone about these AMAZING palazzo pants that Original Piece has to offer!!

If you are looking for something cute and comfy, but also super stylish these pants fit that description to the tee! whether it’s a day out on the town, a girls night, or a job interview, these pants are ready for anything!
They can be dressed up or dressed down and still make you look and feel amazing!
Take a look at all thr different styles we have available and don’t forget to use PROMO CODE : Karrigan 10 to get your 10% discount at checkout!!

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  1. I love these pants, they are very stylish and the colours are just amazing! 🙂

    //Timi from

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