Ggirl ‘On the Go’ Karrigan’s Makeup Brand to Love!

So most girls love makeup right? You can put on a little bit of foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and my favorite, lip gloss, and turn into a whole new person. But for me personally I have sensitive skin so finding a make-up that doesn’t make me red, itchy- or the most embarrassing- break out, is hard. So, I have to pay a little extra to make myself more comfortable in my skin.

It took me a while to find the right brand, but when I did, I made sure it helped others also. I heard a couple of people talking about this brand that was all natural, not tested on animals, and best of all donated and had their own foundation that helps woman who were sexually abused, Younique. You may have heard of their 3D Fiberlash Mascara, or the In touch Foundation , or maybe even the Beachfront Bronze self tanning spray, but younique goes beyond that!

They want to make woman feel comfortable in their skin, to feel beautiful in their skin! To encourage them that yes something terrible and horrible happened to them but they still are beautiful! That they still should feel confident about themselves!
These woman, survivors, share their stories in hope of helping other woman who have been in the same situation. Younique isn’t just about “make-up” younique is about bringing women together for a greater cause! To bring all of us woman together as one, to support one another. If you are interested in hearing some of these Survivors stories check out,
If you are interested in looking at the products go to:

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