Learn about Sea Turtles with Karrigan!

If you live by a beach you probably know March 1- October 31 is a very important time. Some of you ask why? The answer is because those dates are the average dates for sea turtles to be nesting. Not only are they one of the cutest and most unusual animals but they are also one of the oldest.
Sea turtles have been on the earth for 110 million years, which makes them here since the time of the dinosaurs. There also are seven species of sea turtle the green loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley, olive ridley hawks bill, flatback, and leatherback, all of which are endangered.
www.KeepTurtles.com is an organization that sales clothes, bracelets, hats, jewelry amongst other things and donates a portion of the money to organizations that rescue sea turtles.

Fun facts about sea turtles:

Did you know unlike most turtles sea turtles can not pull their head and legs into their shell?

Did you know? Although sea turtles live in the ocean they still require oxygen to breathe?
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