Beauty Tip: Trick to Fix Thin, Straight Lashes!

Hey everyone! Syrita here! I wanted to come and share a few beauty tips and websites with you that you may or may not know about! I have “struggled” with thin, straight eyelashes. Come to find out, castor oil makes your lashes thicker and longer in a matter of weeks! It helps to take before and after pictures to see progress but it really works!

Just rub a little on each lash line before bed. Your lash hair bulbs will absorb it and you’re on your way to noticeably thicker, longer lashes! One last thing! I want to share with you beauty product lovers, two websites I recently found that has some awesome steals and deals! Visit and to view all the trending beauty products for a fraction of the cost! Remember….stay Originally You!

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  1. I use Jamaican castor oil and that does help!

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