How My Life Changed Forever… by Ggirl Karrigan

How my life forever changed…

My mom has said my whole life how her dream dog was a German Shepherd. I remember hearing that my whole life she wanted a German Shepherd that was trained to protected her, knew commands, was loyal, all the stuff you look for in a dog. So I decided for Christmas of 2015 I was going to get my mom her dream dog since she always made sure I had everything I wanted.

In November, I started looking for a dog when one day a lady messaged me on Facebook a picture of a dog she had found in a rain storm floating in a ditch. She wasn’t sure of the breed all she knew was it was a female. The next day I met her and got the dog I was going to give my mom. It was not a German Shepherd it was an Australian Shepherd that someone had dumped. She was covered in ticks and had infections from trying to bite them off. Because of her coat and buying her around Christmas her name is Hunter Joy.

Hunter & Colt

Hunter & Colt

On February 13th, I went to the adoption day at our local Human Association because I felt Hunter needed a friend while we were at work. There I found Colt. I adopted him took him home and they were best friends from the moment I carried him through the door. Until one night Colt was sick like no other. He couldn’t keep anything in his stomach. I was terrified. That night I didn’t sleep at all I stayed up all night giving him water.

Me with Colt

Me with Colt

First thing the next morning him and I were at the vets office where my whole world crashed down upon me when I heard the few words come out of the doctors mouth, “Yes sweetie it seems you were right he does have parvo. We are going to look just to verify he doesn’t have anything else.” She came back and said, “Okay he also had coccidia and hookworms. What we do in these cases is hospitalize them, put them on I.V. fluids and give them meds.” I was heart broken. I knew what Pavo was and I honestly thought I was going to lose him.

My newest foster puppy, Gaige!

My newest foster puppy, Gaige!

The next morning I call to check on him and I was told he could go home he was perfectly happy he still had the sicknesses but he could go home. I had the best vets taking care of my boy and he came home. I was so thrilled with how well they took care of my baby that I decided I wanted to work for them. I took in my resume and had my interview, to my surprise I got the job. After my first few days there I decided I wanted to help as many dogs as I could just like my sick baby. One day a lady brought in a shelter dog she was fostering. Now I had no clue what fostering was or that you could foster an animal but she explained it to me. You keep a rescue or shelter animal until it is adopted if it is a kill shelter the dog will no longer have to be on the kill list. I was in awe! I just knew it was something I was destined to do! I signed up to foster through our local humane society and they had a three month wait list before you can foster.

So I also followed some rescues on Facebook and one day I saw a rescue asking for fosters for week old puppies the mom had pasted away during birth and a lady wanted to surrender them because bottle feeding with a one year old child is a lot on anyone’s plate. So I volunteered to do it and to my surprise I was accepted! I was so excited!

On April  24, 2016 I brought him into our home and family. As of today, he is twelve days old. Happy, healthy, and still hasn’t opened his eyes. I have to feed him every two hours and wake up during the night every two hours and feed him. It’s a lot of work and it might sound crazy but I enjoy every second of it! I get to be a huge part of his life, as he is mine. He is my first foster baby and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Yes it will be hard giving him to the people who decide to adopt him but, if I would not have decided to foster him, he wouldn’t be able to be adopted.

I’ve learned these past few months that the world works in some crazy mysterious ways! Something as simple as me thinking Hunter wasn’t good enough to be my mom’s dog then I never would’ve gone to that vet. Or even me deciding to not go through with keeping her and letting her actually be my mom’s Christmas present. Or even not going to adoption day that day and bringing Colt home. So many things could have not happened the way they did and I wouldn’t have decided to be a foster mom or even realize that I want to became a Vetenarian.

Now everyone is probably thinking did I get my mom a different Christmas present? Yes and she loved it! Also about a month ago she actually got her dream German Shepherd and his name is Charlie Dee.

See the world works in mysterious ways!

xoxo- Karrigan, Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’


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