Achieve the Perfect Red Lip Look

Okay so I’m like many of you when I see a celebrity on the red carpet with the perfectly applied red lip look I’m always like how…

Well that answer is actually a lot simpler than you think! Above is a video I found of how to apply the Lime Crime Velvet Red Lip. I admit I went and ordered it after watching the video and I tried it before sharing and it actually does give you the perfect red lip look!

I couldn’t tell either that I had applied it! It was so lightweight and felt amazing one. A secret I discovered was to make it a little shiny (which I know wasn’t the point) was to add a simple lip balm. It gave it a more finished look for what I was wanting to achieve!

So comment below if you have a trick to apply red lipstick perfectly!

xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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