Miss Original’s Favorite Item in her purse…

My favorite must-have item that I carry in my purse everywhere is definitely my Chapstick or lipstick. I have to have something on my lips at all time or I feel like my lips are going to fall off my face! It’s super weird I know. As Chapstick I actually use Aquaphor healing ointment because it make my lips feel super soft and it stays on for a long time.
As lipstick, if I am going to dinner or doing a short term event where I need a lipstick, I use MAC. My favorite two MAC lipsticks are Whirl and Teddy. Whirl is more of a brown and Teddy is more nude and they both look great on literally anyone.
If I am going out for a long shopping day then dinner then to a movie then getting ice cream… Or just a super long day, I use Cover Girl-Outlast. My favorite shade is number 510. It is more of a natural pink, and it is perfect for an everyday look. It gives your lips the perfect color that goes with any outfit. I can’t go anywhere without my lips!

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