3 Beauty Tips I’m Loving Today


So I came across this video today when I searching for easy beauty tips to give a try… It is Monday and that means time to get motivated for the rest of the week!

Every Monday though I love searching for new ways of doing my makeup and try new ideas. It gives each week a different ‘trend.’
So this week I have to say I’m loving the mix of my two favorite lipsticks. I know in the video it does look a little weird, but you have to admit… how could I have not thought of it sooner!
I went out and got a cheap contact case and mix my two favorite colors together, and do you know how many compliments I’ve gotten from my lip color! It’s amazing! Never before has anyone paid attention to that, but today was different!
I admit I have yet to try the spoon curl lash, but we’ll see how that goes!
COMMENT below and tell me what trends you love for Monday or if you have tried any of these!

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