Introducing the Volt Case

Today while we were browsing through to see what to share that was an upcoming ‘What’s Trending’ trend, we found the Volt Case.
We have to say that the Volt Case is an amazing invention. Basically the Volt Case is a stun gun in itself. The Volt Case has fingerprint recognition, and knows exactly where you are, so if you are in a situation you can even alert the police just through the case on your phone.
I know many of us on staff would love to have this feature on our phones to make us feel safe when we leave the office at night by ourselves. This little piece of technology just gives you a piece of mind when your by yourself, day or night.
So we definitely are going to be checking out this case when it comes available in the US in July.
Go to their official website and sign-up to be alerted when the device does go live online. We already have! COMMENT below what you think of the ‘VOLT CASE.’
We haven’t actually seen the product to give a 100% approval rate, but so far what we’ve seen seems promising! Once we receive our product in July we will definitely tell all our readers the final outcome of the product!

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