Miss February’s Role Model Is…

My role model would have to be my Mom! I have always looked up to and admired her in so many ways!! Among many things, my mother is beautiful, fearless, loveable, and strong. As a young mom of three… later to become four, it always seemed like my mom could do it all, and do it well! Whether it was helping us with our homework, helping me learn to play the clarinet, sewing various costumes or teaching us how cook and clean, she could do it- and did!
new photo of brittany

                 My mom was the first in her family to go to college, where she earned a degree in Physical Education. As a P.E. teacher growing up and now as a classroom teacher, Mom was an example of the importance of education and physical activity. She always made sure we were involved in some type of extra- curricular activity and wanted us to be exposed to a variety of them.

In the summers when I was a child, my mother would work as a Pool Monitor. This kept us entertained and provided the extra income needed during summer break. This is probably why I decided to become a lifeguard as one of my first jobs. Both of my parents held as many jobs as needed to provide for us; this has showed me the value of hard work and earning a living.

Out of all the many ways I admire my mom, I probably most admire her heart. She is always so kind and generous to others, especially those in need. My mom has a way of making the best out of any situation and can really light up a room with her personality and smile.

Last, I must say, that I have always admired my mom’s faith. When it came to going to church on Sundays, my mom would always say: “If you have time for whatever else you do during the week, you can take an hour to go to mass on Sunday.” My faith has been a big part of my life thus far, and something I continue to grow in. This is why the message of Original Piece is so encouraging to me! To be confident in the unique person God created you to be! J

Love you Mom! xo- Bree


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