Meet the Founder

Founder of Original (pictured above)

‘There is something for everyone at Original Piece,’ says owner Tami Oakley. Established in 2008, Oakley opened a store in the St. John’s Town Center almost four years ago. She has a passion for people being able to celebrate their uniqueness.
‘I called my brand Original Piece, because everyone is original in his other own way. God created everyone original, and everyone adds their own ‘original’ style to their looks. I created Original Piece to be a brand for everyone at any age,’ says Oakley.

Founder of Original (pictured above)

Founder of Original (pictured above)

Having moved to Florida almost a decade ago from Michigan, Oakley can’t get enough of the gorgeous weather and coastal life here on the Atlantic coast. “I was born and raised in Michigan, so being on the Atlantic Ocean is an amazing change. The beach is a favorite destination, especially for our amazing photoshoots wed do daily! You couldn’t ask for a better scenery,” she says.
Support Your Local Businesses.
“I believe that it’s important to shop local and support the brands that start in your area. When I shop I love supporting small businesses because I have been through the struggles and the successful moments and know what it takes to be where Original Piece now is. When I see another small business I know what they are going through, and I will be the first in line to support that business.”

~CEO & Founder of Original Piece Brand.

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