Look Who was in South Florida…

So today our Founder and CEO was visiting our South Florida location. Don’t worry she came in hand with over 80 NEW ARRIVALS! Yes, we are serious… We simply can’t live without all these new items she and her team brought down with her from our Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.
SO many items just UNDER $40… we admit we had to go shopping after the entire new floor set was finished!

Our CEO & Founder! Follow her adventures on instagram: @OriginalCEO

Our CEO & Founder! Follow her adventures on instagram: @OriginalCEO

From new GTees (our exclusive Limited Edition Christian Tees), OVER 50 NEW Gbeads, Sundresses, Rompers, Maxi’s… should we keep going?!
We are so excited for the new spring floor layout! Don’t forget NEW GCulture pieces were brought down and only available at our South Florida location!
Need more?! OVER 30 new pieces were added to our $5, $10, & $20 racks! We are so excited to share this news with you all!
Our photo above was taken after our team was finished with the new floor plan! Our amazing Founder and CEO of Original Piece was wearing our favorite Valentine’s Day piko dress (that is NOW 40% off) and is now available online!
We can’t get enough of this news! Share it with all your friends and plan a shopping day!


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