Step By Step: 6 Eyeliner Styles

I’ve been looking for different ways to do my eyeliner. I always do a winged look. I came across this video today on youtube and knew I had to share it with you all.

I love this video because you can see exactly what she is doing step-by-step. It makes it so much easier to do! The finished look is amazing and that much more trendy when it’s done.

I have to say I usually use a stick eyeliner but I want to try the brush style after watching this video today. The eyeliner looks so much easier to apply when you do it when a thin brush.

2 Comments on Step By Step: 6 Eyeliner Styles

  1. she is good…I would have a mess.

  2. I just watched this totally entranced. I wish I could do makeup like that

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