Piece of Me Bangles

Every girl loves her arm candy! Especially the latest arm candy trend: bangles!


I’m a huge bangle fan! Not to mention I’m in love with all of these bangles! They are all handmade in the USA and you can even get a custom size, because we know some bangles are huge and can fall off your wrist!

But with these you can get a custom size and they are guaranteed for life! So if one of the gorgeous beads falls off for some reason you can get it replaced!

I’m a huge elephant fan so I love those and not to mention the cross bracelets!

Either way I know have at least 4 that I stack or mix and match with my different arm candy for the day! If you haven’t already check them out at an Original Piece Boutique or order yours online! They are gorgeous and I love the fact each one is handmade!_MG_3929

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