About The Brand

Original Piece Magazine Online was created as a place for all Originals to share their stories. Each and every person has their own unique quality about themselves or has a hobby they are passionate about that makes you, YOU!
Here at Original Piece Mag we post daily about our Originals from around the world on what makes them Original! You don’t have to be located in the area to be featured either!
Simply submit YOUR Story to: Jacksonville@OriginalPieceMag.com and a photo of yourself! We read each and every entry and post about each and every originals.
Our inspiring stories are posted to inspire your day and to show you an original that might have faced something and overcame it that you might be facing.

Our Originals inspire and we share their stories to inspire YOU! Taking over the online magazine edition Original Piece Mag is here becoming overwhelmingly popular! We get hundreds of submissions each and every day and it keeps growing. We LOVE reading your testimonies. YOU are changing way people get inspire! So write in and share your inspiring story!

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