Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray

Benefit Stay Don't StrayI HATE waking up in the moring with a blemish! You went to bed with a perfect face and wake-up with an imperfection!!! Don’t stress…I have your solution: Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray. The directions state the product is intended to be used has a primer for concealers, as well as, an eyeshadow base. (I have never used has an eyeshadow base.) However, I like to put my liquid Mac Foundation on, and cover my blemish with Stay Don’t Stray…no concealer needed. It stays in place. The concealer does not slid off in heat, so I can be flawless ALL DAY! My face is back to perfect status, even in a FLORIDA SUMMER!  Also, it works GREAT to cover dark circles underneath the eyes…

Remember imperfect is I>M>PERFECT


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