You Asked…We Answered

You Asked…We Answered


Emily Y: I’m Spring Breaking in Miami next week, I always wear jeans…but I kinda wanted to reinvent myself this trip. What should I wear?

Nina: Definitely pack some dresses! You’re going to the perfect place to reinvent yourself!
Add some sparkle to your style with dangling earrings and necklaces! Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Jenny K: I’m going out on Saturday and how short is too short for a dress to be paired with heels/wedges?

Carly-Rae: Hey! If it’s shorter than finger-tip length definitely don’t rock the heels or wedges. Keep it sexy with a dress that’s finger-tip length or longer!

Lexy E: Quick question, I know mint is extremely popular right now, but what if your pale?

Carly-Rae: You can never be too pale for mint! I’m pale too and I love rockin’ the mint colors! Go for it!

Brianna B: Jumpsuits…yay or nay for short girls?

Nina: Hey Brianna! Definitely yay! I’m short and I love rockin’ out my jumpsuit! Just make sure it’s hemmed if it’s long!

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