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You Asked…We Answered


Q: Gina Y: Is it alright to accessorize with both silver and gold accessories?

A: Hi Gina! I’d say not. I would definitely pick the color that compliments the outfit the best and rock either silver or gold! Mixing the colors can overpower the outfit, and not always for the best! Nina

Q: Brianna B: Is it alright to buy a dress I know my friend has?

A: Of course!! Even if you’re friend has it, mix and match it! Wear it on separate days! Better yet show another to the dress and accessorize it anyway you want! You have your unique style and dresses look different on everyone! Carly-Rae

Q: Lori E: How do I know if I’m ‘too old’ to wear a dress?

A: The answer is simple…you’re NEVER too old! You can rock a dress at any age! Wear a dress slightly above the knee is great for any age, old or young! You can never be too old to rock a skirt or dress! Don’t hide, show off your fashion! Tamara

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