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Q: Hannah G: Is it alright to rock a leather dress with a sheer blouse?

A: Hi Hannah! Right now it’s all about the sheer blouse! You can definitely rock that with a leather skirt. The key is to wear either a black or nude color bra. If you’re going classic with the leather look don’t overdue the trends with a colored bra. Tamara

Q: Jessica F: How do you know if peplum is for you?

A: Hey Jessica! In my opinion peplum is for everyone! Right now, I’ve seen so many different shapes and styles of peplum at Original Piece’s Flagship location in Jacksonville, Florida they have so many peplum dresses for every shape! The key is to find the right about ruffle for your waist! Whether it is longer, shorter, open in the back…for your figure there is a dress! Rock it! Carly-Rae

Q: Brianna B: Is it too much to wear two different styles of rings on one hand?

A: It depends on the sizes of the rings. In my opinion you can rock two different colors and shapes of rocks on one hand as long as they aren’t too oversized in shape! Nina

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