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Q: Harriett F. I’ve seen on your blog that it’s ‘in’ right now to wear hair accessories…can I wear them school or is it too much?

A: Hey Harriett! Rock those oversized hair accessories at school! Start your year off right and make a statement! Rock those oversized headbands, bows, and clips! Set the trends! Carly-Rae

Q: Samantha S.I love the video you featured of how to apply red lipstick! It helped me a lot! My question is should I do those same steps with other dark lipsticks?

A: Hey Samantha! I’d say yes! I always do since I watched the video! It makes the darker hues go on so much better and more smoothly. It works great and I always add a shear gloss over it to add shine! Nina

Q: Caroline R. I saw you featured the Butter Nail Polish Olympic Collection…when can I start wearing those colors?

A: Hey Caroline! Wear them now if you want! Even though it’s summertime you can still rock the darker hues, especially if you’re going out for a night! The Butter Olympic Collection is my favorite and the colors are absolutely stunning on! Tamara

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