What We Love: Tarina Tarantino

What We Love: Tarina Tarantino

I’ve loved Tarina’s jewelry since I first saw it on Paris Hilton. I love the vibrant colors and all the sparkle her jewelry brings!

My favorite pieces have to be the ones where Tarina takes pictures of Hello Kitty, Wizard of Oz, Barbie, & more and puts it on her jewelry! I love them all! Every time I see the jewelry it’s so hard for me to decide which to buy!

I saw the Kidrobot collection on StyleFrizz.com and love it! I know what I’m getting next to add to my ever-growing Tarina Tarantino collection! Her jewelry is pricey, but I make sure to buy pieces that go with a lot and are versatile so I can wear them with everything!

Do you love Tarina Tarantino?


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